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The Road Begins Here…


We all have different paths in life, whether they make us happy or not, whether we chose to follow them or not. You know what’s cool, though? New roads are always opening up, sometimes you just need a GPS to show you the way.

This up-and-coming sensation will great you with a warm hug of reminiscence and good times. The 4-piece alternative rock, jazz, and punk fusion band known as Walk on Willow started showing off their Chutzpah with the release of their first full length album this past November. Within the first month and a half they found themselves amassing over 4k streams on Spotify (their debut single taking hold of 1.4k of those streams on it’s own), and nowhere left to go but up. The bands members (Simon Murphy, Israel “Jacob” Vega, Sophia WIlliams, and Aubrey Blount) will fast become the gps this generation’s music follows in hopes of morphing into a new era the likes of which has never been seen before.

This blog will allow you to meet the members in great detail, admire them as they evolve, and follow right alongside them as they reach great heights. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see just where this path may take us…

and the road begins here.

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